WordPress Security Update

Wordpress LogoYesterday WordPress, a widely used blog and content management system, released a critical security update. If you’re running WordPress  you should upgrade to the latest version. The security issues includes

  • a cross site scripting bug, that could compromise your site.
  • a cross site request forgery that could trick users into changing their passwords
  • an issue that can lead to a denial of service on the site

How do you know if you’re at risk.

If your WordPress is a newer version it may have already been updated. Users can check by logging to your dashboard, then click Updates.
For more information on the security update checkout the WordPress page

wordpress security



What Can you do to secure your site.

If you are not running the most current version it will let you know here. WordPress will display a link to either upgrade to the current version, or download the current version, therefore shouldn’t have any issues clicking Upgrade, and letting the software do its own thing here.

If  Quast Tech Solutions maintains your site don’t fear your website is up to date!
If you’re hosted elsewhere and just not sure if you’re site is at risk, contact me and request a free evaluation and I will get you safe and secure. Are you running another site software? My website monitoring keeps your site secure, and safe for your visitors.

If you’re not sure about your current website being up to par, or how to go about it check out my website maintenance plans to keep your site secure.