Important Announcement for Websites hosted by Quast Tech Solutions (

Websites Hosted by Quast Tech Solutions ( will now include security Updates

EDIT: This only affects sites designed by Quast Tech Solutions and Hosted with Idolized Hosting. If you manage your own site, I would not enter your site to do this on your behalf without your prior knowledge ie: Maintenance Plan)

Website Updates should have been included all along, however it was passed onto a website maintenance plan feature.

This decision was made solely to keep the servers as secure as possible. An updated website is a secure website.

This basically means if your website was built on a CMS platform (WordPress/Joomla etc) I will have the core files of the website updated in an effort to keep the servers secure that you are hosted on.

Note: This does not include major release updates. This is only for security and minor revision updates. If you need more clarification on this please don’t hesitate to ask.

This does not mean the servers were compromised

No issue has come up, all data and websites are in perfect working order. I would rather use this as a preventative measure.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.


Side note:

Websites designed by Quast Tech Solutions hosted ELSEWHERE and do not have a maintenance package will not receive these same website updates. This is a feature that will be included in your hosting package at no additional cost to you. If you’re website is hosted elsewhere and you have a maintenance package, that would include the website updates.

website information will change slightly in the next couple days to reflect this change.