Login to webmail here
Alternatively you can login to secure webmail here*
*Secure webmail may throw a certificate error to your computer saying this certificate is invalid for quast.ca and belongs to hostwhitelabel.com please note that that is OUR host, and is correct hostwhitelabel is the privacy domain for Idolizedhosting.com and is quast.ca’s web host.

To bypass this annoying certificate error you can add an exception for this website (I don’t suggest you do that for too many sites unless you trust them) or use the regular webmail login)






Remember you can setup your computers Mail client to read and send emails right from your desktop.
Incoming POP Server : mail.quast.ca
Outgoing SMTP Server : mail.quast.ca

Your Login Details will be
Username : yourname@quast.ca – MUST use the @quast.ca
Password : password you choose or were given


If you have any difficulties please contact us for help resolving them.

2 of the most common Email issues:

  • If you can receive emails but not send them, perhaps your ISP is blocking port 25 (Outgoing SMTP port) this is usually to fight spam on their servers. This is not a big deal, and is a very simple fix. Just use the SMTP server they gave you when you signed up (usually SMTP.YOURISP.COM) Contact your ISP to confirm.
  • Constantly getting cannot login errors is caused by not choosing a secure login eg: when entering your username and password, look for a check box that says “server requires secure authentication” or something to that effect, and make sure it is checked.