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A site redesign for 2017 has been completed, including new logo. It is now fully responsive and a one page design much like my site here at This puts all the info and calls to action right at the users fingertips. is my site created for hosting customers websites that do not currently have hosting. Its Simple and to the point, Built with PHP and HTML, its straight to the point and gets the job done.

The back end is handled by Clientexec, which handles the billing, re-curing billing, and custom invoices I use. The theme was actually skinned overtop of the clientexec portion so the menus and footers make the whole site blend together for a unified experience.

Customers can login at anytime and update their info, Hosting packages, and buy new domains.

It’s not really a public web host so I’m not too worried about the general public viewing it, only existing customers and new Web development customers through Quast Tech Solutions. This keeps the server load smaller and websites running quicker.

Skined Client Section :

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