Keeping your Cool (Overheating computer causes and solutions.)

laptop-on-fire2Making sure your computer doesn’t overheat, keeps it running efficiently, and best of all, KEEPS IT RUNNING.

There are many causes for a computer to overheat. I’m going to touch on a few of the most common issues, and solutions.


Reasons for a computer running hot

  • Faulty Cooling fan (simple but true) if the fan is not running, it cannot cool the CPU
  • Dust, dirt, pet hair clogging up the fan or intake/exhaust ports.
  • Blocked exhaust port (sometimes your leg might block that port when your using your laptop on your lap) or even your tower too close to the wall and having the exhaust blocked.
  • Overheating could also be environmental, be cautious of your surroundings.

How to tell if your computer is running too hot

If you think your computer is running hot, it probably is. you can install a heat monitoring software and check it out to see how hot it really is. I use a small and effective program called SpeedFan. You can see what your CPU’s are running at. Google your computer + temperature, and you can figure out what it should be running at. (idle vs under load)
Your computer may intermittently shut down if it gets too hot, and not start until it completely cools down, but beware, letting it get this hot can cause catastrophic failure in some parts and sometimes be irreversible

If the computer physically feels overheated, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the heat.

  • Move the Computer to a cooler location, if its near any heat sources, or doesn’t get adequate air flow around it.
  • Make sure all covers are in place. A common mistake is to remove the cover of the computer to try and let heat out. This causes the fans to not pull cool air in correctly.
  • Check all intake and exhaust ports on the outside of the computer. Clean them out with some compressed air.
  • Sometimes and inside of the computer gets a dust buildup, and needs to be cleaned. If you are not comfortable opening your computer or laptop you can contact me and I can take it form there.
  • Check to make sure your fans turn on when it gets hot. You should be able to hear them run (the louder they are the more unbalanced they might be from dirt). If they are just simply not coming on when it warms up, perhaps there’s damage, and replacement parts are probably needed.

If you suspect your computer is running too hot I can provide a complete computer clean out, and checkup to make sure everything is running smoothly. Simply contact me for a personalized quote

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