Happy New Year 2018

happy new year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Okay, So last year I found out I am a horrible blogger. As you can see there was only one post in 2017 wishing you a happy new year. I cannot let this happen again, this is bad for business.

I have so many things in my head that I need to get out. Some may be helpful to many people, and some may only be helpful to me. Either way my goal for 2018 is to write this stuff down. Weather it is a tip or trick on your computer, a way to help your business grow; or even just a simple tip or trick to make your everyday life better. I am going to start posting them up here.

My plans for 2018

I plan to start posting more here and Social media to help get some more traffic to Quast Tech Solutions. Also I want to help your business grow. I know that sounds strange doesn’t it? But I am determined to be the little company that helps your little company, Lets grow together. Through website design, Media & marketing material designs, and even just small business setup and tips lets grow together.

Personal Projects

Okay, so you probably don’t care about my personal projects; but since you are on this page, you are probably going to continue reading….. right? DON’T CLICK THE BACK BUTTON I promise it will be good.

In the business world I have been secretly working on a web based invoicing software. Not so secretly, just I am doing it on my own, and when i talk to the laptop it usually doesn’t respond back. This software is called phpBMS (you can find old abandoned versions on sourceforge.net and github.com) however it has been abandoned so long that I cannot contact the original developers for any bugs that I was having.

So what does this mean? I started to learn PHP programming… for fun? The down and dirty of this part is, it has become incompatible with current versions of PHP. Depreciated constructors, removed MySQL support etc, nerdy stuff aside. I have been working on it here and there, and have it ALMOST compatible with PHP7.

Since this is abandoned software, with no response from the original authors; and the license allows, I will be fixing it all up and going to try and get it usable again. This is 100% free software. I don’t plan on changing that even if I fork it and re brand it as something else. This means you as a small business owner can have a very powerful BMS (Business management system) to help you run your business. Invoicing, inventory, with staff members. This software really has too many features to list, that is a whole other post on its own.

Wow that was wordy, I’m glad you stuck around to read it, I almost didn’t.

Personal NON tech related stuff…

Yeah that’s it non tech related stuff.

A main reason why 2017 came and went, as well as 2016 was a new addition to our family. Now that the kids are getting a little older, and don’t rely on us to hold their necks straight and try not to drop them. I can hopefully focus on some hobby woodworking and metal working projects. I know this is definitely not the place for this; however it’s what I’m interested in. I will probably create another website for that *cough idolcreations.com cough*. This old website is the very first website that I created. The domain is still active, and it was created in 2003 … wow I’m getting old … anyway, my plan is to potentially use this name and create some unique crafts and furniture to sell as well. Diversifying my portfolio if you will … yeah lets go with that.

So now that I have created my Happy New year 2018 post, I will see you next year. Same bat time, same bat channel.  If i don’t post again for a whole other year, i might as well shut down the blog portion of my site and call it quits. Hopefully you will hear from me very soon. I have a few post ideas in my head that I think will be excellent for some people who are just starting a business, or thinking about starting up a small business.