Google maps – Using offline maps

Using Google Maps offline while traveling

Did you know you can use Google maps while traveling outside your coverage zone? I sure didn’t.

While traveling to Florida (link to my other blog), I borrowed a GPS unit because I didn’t plan on paying any roaming fees while traveling. Just before my first stop I noticed I couldn’t find the exact address to type into the GPS. Instinctively I opened my Google maps app to search for it. I noticed the little dot was tracking me even with my cellular turned off.

I never really thought it was using GPS antenna only, I sort of assumed it was using my data all this time (Note it does use data normally too. For finding locations, menus reviews etc within the app)

So, I typed in the address and it started directing me, even the heads up / turn by turn navigation worked.

Stopping at my first rest stop I used the Wifi to download offline Google maps.

Once I got to my first stop, i logged onto the wifi and was searching addresses. I remembered the app told me something about using offline maps by downloading them. So I searched for the feature. It’s really quite simple.

From the menu choose offline maps, then choose Custom Map

google maps offline maps menu
google maps offline maps
google maps offline maps
google maps offline maps

Next Select the area you want to download. You can shrink the map to get more coverage (note the file size at the bottom of the screen.) You don’t want to use up all your space.

google maps offline maps selection
google maps offline maps

The Map will now begin to download. Once completed you can use your google maps app as you normally would will cell service (search for specific restaurants, places, and attractions.) As long as they are located inside that square your downloaded.

Simply download more maps to suit your trips route. An awesome way to have your reliable GPS without paying for extra roaming fees.

Once your done your trip, don’t forget to delete the maps to free up space on your device.


Did you know you could do this? What other tips and tricks do you have to help while traveling