Bloatware: What is it and how to avoid it cluttering your system

Bloatware, What is it

Bloatware, is a general term for software that’s pretty much bloating up your system. You don’t want it, and it will just slow your system down.


The main way to get bloatware is by installing it. Seems like a rather silly, but its true.

Most common way to get bloatware on your computer (and I’m guilty of this sometimes) is constantly clicking next on that installer of your favorite game or application. Unfortunately what you are clicking next to is an agreement to install something else you were not expecting.
muo-bloatware21-400x310 This is an example of a screen you have probably just clicked next on. Take a second to really look at the screens your clicking next on. You can see you are agreeing to install their toolbar, change your home page, and your default search engine. Unless this is something you want to do, you will start to see negative effects right after the installer is finished. Since the check boxes are checked by default, the installer is hoping you will not notice and install all their junk. Note: Un-checking all these will still allow you to install the intended software normally.

Bloatware from the websites you visit.

Another way to get bloatware or other un-wanted software is simply clicking the wrong links. Lets say you went to your favorite download site. You found your favorite app or game to download, and their running ads on their site. Most ads now are targeted ads. On a download site, guess what you’re going to see? That’s right download ads.

Below are a couple examples, Notice how the formatting looks nothing like¬† the rest of the site, and their just seem out of place. Additionally in my experience I have noticed that there always seems to be this blue triangle icon. (not always but quite often I’ve seen)

download-adsA good way to tell if your download is the correct link your clicking or not, check out your status bar at the bottom of your browser window, it will show you the location its about to take you. If it says something like guess what: Fake! don’t click on it. look for the one that has a URL of the site your actually on.














Are you paying for Bloatware?

Another way to get bloatware is from your computer manufacturer. If you buy a new PC from a major manufacturer, it will most likely get bundled software. Trial Antivirus’, trial office programs, Manufacture specific software to keep your computer “running smoothly”. These are all pretty much un-nessisary, apart from the last. I mean if you want your computer to stay up to date, this could be a good idea, otherwise you can just ditch it and make sure you update your drivers and windows updates regularly, and same some precious memory for other software.

How do I get rid of the bloatware

If your concerned about bloatware take a look through your Control Panels Add/Remove Programs, and remove the stuff you no longer use. Use Caution as there can be windows fixes, and updates in there, as well as some needed drivers.

If you have a Complete PC tuneup with Quast Tech Solutions we check for un-needed bloatware and remove them to help your computer run smoother, as well as a bunch of other checks.