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What I do, and how I can help your small business off the ground.

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Affordable web deveolpment

Even I was a newbie at one time. Since 2003 I have been running my own websites, and helping people get their sites and businesses online. Whether it be choosing a host, Setting up your Domain, Installing your favorite website script or modifying it to make it your own style.

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Small Business web hosting

In an effort to be a one stop shop for your web development needs, I can host your website as well. This helps with future support by not having to wait for third party hosts to get around to assisting you. Best of all our server is local to us (Ontario hosted), which results in a faster web experience.

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graphics deisgn & publishing

Once again, I want to help your business grow, and be the only place you need to look. As long as I have been building websites I have also been doing graphic design. Although maybe not as quick as everyone out there, I have had many customers business cards, fliers and branding projects.

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website maintenance & updates

Not everyone who has a website has the time to keep it updated and secure. I offer affordable solutions to keep your site updated, secured, and backed up. If you need some help adding / changing some content I can help with that as well.


Since 2003 when I created my first website, a local car club. I have been hooked on building sites and have been helping people get online ever since. That website was called Idol Creations and I actually still own the domain, It may be currently sitting and doing nothing, but I can't bring myself to let the domain name go.

Skip forward to around 2005. I initially launched, which unfortunately flopped out of the gate, I choose a poor re-seller for my hosting services and got a bad taste in my mouth. I also got ripped off on that deal but lesson learned.

In 2008 Quast Tech Solutions was created, this is a home based computer repair business that I run in my spare time. In 2011/2012 I began hosting some sites for my friends and some customers, which initiated the re-launch of in 2014.

Now in 2016 I have decided to start doing web development and graphic design more rather than residential computer repairs. The break/fix computer game was getting tiresome and in all honestly not steady work.

  • Getting your site online. Setting up your hosting, databases, software and emails

  • In all honesty, designing a website from scratch is not what I'm best at. I will utilize professionals and get you a look you want rather than wasting days designing a website with my crayons. Plus how do I upload a crayon? I can however modify, tweak and customize the heck out of your chosen template to fine tune your desired look.

  • This ones tricky. I may not have the artistic eye to create something from a blank canvas. I have in the past however, my skills are better used tweaking professional designers work to suit your needs. Let me make this part clear I do not rip off professionals I'm talking about sub contracting them or purchasing templates and layouts for projects and then going from there.

  • Now this is where I shine. For many years this what I did. I can setup your computer system, networks, emails, point of sale system, invoicing system. You name it and I can help.


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Traveling Newf

Traveling Newf

Idolized Hosting

Idolized Hosting

Our 6th Planet

Our 6th Planet

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Huntington Park Tennis Club


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